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Climate and environmental protection: Gesa Hygiene Group supports tree planting!
environment and CO² compensation

This year, too, we have been working to protect the climate and the environment. In the course of climate change, reforestation projects are becoming more and more important.

We are already carrying out the "Order trees" campaign for the 2nd year with our partner Plant-my-Tree - one tree is planted for every €10,000 in order value of a new customer. In addition, we have calculated our CO² emissions and added the corresponding number of trees. We are pleased to be able to support the project in the southern Harz region.

In Germany, average per capita CO² emissions in 2019 were approx. 12 tons. Over the lifetime of a tree (approx. 80 years), an average of 1 ton of CO² is compensated.

For a better environment -
Your Gesa Hygiene Group


Christmas 2020 - We give hygiene and health!

In many parts of the world, elementary components for sustainable hygiene are still missing: water and soap.

For this reason, we decided this year to donate 30060 pieces of medical soap to UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, instead of individual customer gifts. Pathogens know no country, age or status boundaries. Only as a collective we will be able to achieve a sustainable life.

We wish you and your families a contemplative end of the year and a good start into the year 2021.

Your Gesa Hygiene Group


Blühpakt Bayern - Measure 1: The terrace of our cafeteria!

Instruction 1 - executed!

As reported in the last article, we are gradually making our company premises sustainable according to the concept of the "Blühpakt Bayern". Our action plan is being worked through step by step. Phase 1 has been successfully completed! Our terrace including the concrete slab underneath was demolished and newly paved. This time, however, with large joints that were filled with earth and quartz sand. Why? A seed was placed in the joints, which will soon allow herbs and wild flowers to sprout, for the benefit of the insects. The natural water drainage is also given in this way. New patio furniture now invites you to a relaxed lunch break outside on the still warm and sunny autumn days.

We would like to thank landscape designer Tobias Vogt and our dedicated staff from our own ranks for the flawless implementation of the redesign.

We are looking forward to the next action - to be continued...

See you soon,
Your Gesa Hygiene Group


Blühpakt Bayern - the natural design of our company premises!

Blühpakt Bayern e.V. - flourishing business

The Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection has launched a campaign as part of the "Bavarian Blooming Pact" to encourage farms to make their areas flower and bee-friendly. This not only helps our bees, but the entire biodiversity of Bavaria. Businesses interested in this can apply and receive free advice from a garden and landscape gardener.

Such actions are naturally completely in the sense of the Gesa hygiene group and thus promptly an application was written. There are certain criteria to be met, such as no extensive use of plant protection products, 20% of the open spaces on the company premises must already be designed to be close to nature, etc. These criteria are given from our side. After a few weeks we received the news that we were considered for a free consultation and were selected. So already in March, shortly after the consultation, we had an action plan with proposals for the successive greening of our company premises including roof greening. Of course, the implementation of this plan is a project over several years.

We will always put up photos and report on the progress.

We will start with the redesign of our terrace. In the joints of the terrace slabs a joint seed of different herbs is sown, which is helpful for the insects and at the same time guarantees a natural water drainage.

Stay up to date about this exciting project!

See you soon,
Your Gesa Hygiene Group


Typification campaign for stem cell donation for Gesa employees!
Deutsche Knochenmarkspender-Datei
You can help!

With Gesa against blood cancer

In Germany, every 15 minutes one person receives the life-threatening diagnosis of blood cancer. Many affected people need a stem cell donation to survive.

The Gesa Hygiene Group has therefore decided to launch an online typing campaign together with the DKMS and has called on its employees to have themselves typed. The company took over the costs of 35 € each.

The action ran now 3 weeks and was terminated this week. We gained 10 employees who requested a test set. In addition, a weekly call went out with a reminder to return the cheek swab. Because according to 40% of the requested test sets are not returned!

Some feedback came from employees who have been registered with DKMS or AKB for a long time and therefore did not request a set.

Some fell naturally from the age or health raster.

We are very pleased to have made a contribution and to have increased the chances of finding a donor for affected patients! We want to do something good together and give hope for life!

Perhaps you too would like to become a donor:

All the best to you too and stay healthy!

Hygiene plan for small businesses - we support you!

Dear retailers and small businesses,

the regulations adopted by the Federal Government and the Länder on the opening of shops for stationary individual businesses and small businesses up to 800 sqm are the first steps towards easing the initial restrictions. To protect you and your customers, however, they require appropriate caution and a good hygiene concept.

Together with Radio Fantasy, we would like to support you in reopening your business and implementing and maintaining the necessary hygiene measures. We have developed a "Hygiene plan for small businesses" and provide it for you to download below.

In this plan, the professional and consistent implementation of appropriate hygiene measures in the areas of

  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Staff requirements
  • Workwear
  • Admission to sales rooms
  • Behaviour of staff and customers in salesrooms
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • garbage disposal

comprehensively illuminated. We have also provided you with an exemplary cleaning and disinfection plan and instructions for "proper hand washing".

Should you have any further explicit questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact our contact persons Hygiene Management.

We wish you much success and above all health!



Together for the environment

Dear customers,

together with you, we were able to make a contribution to climate protection again in 2019.

We have planted a total of 50 trees.

Many thanks - Your Gesa Hygiene Group

Information about the action:

The Gesa Hygiene Group is a company - which acts sustainably wherever possible. This regularly results in exciting campaigns, such as in this case for climate protection. The idea: With an order value of 10,000 € or more from new customers, a tree is planted in Germany. At the end of a year, the number is determined and the tree planting is commissioned.

This campaign will continue for 2020.



Hygiene in no time

Once the Bavarian flu epidemic was under control again in 2018, Deutsche Hygiene Service wanted to raise awareness about rigorous hand hygiene with this very special campaign.

Fever, sore throat, blocked nose, headache and achey joints, classic symptoms of flu or a flu-like infection.

The annual flu injection still provides the best possible protection against flu. For this, special seasonal antigens are combined and thus can protect the vaccine recipient from infection. This should still always be the first method of choice for the elderly or people with an impaired immune response.

One small detail to effectively stop further transmission of the virus is often overlooked day-to-day however: proper and sufficient hand hygiene!

In addition to washing hands regularly (and for long enough), disinfecting hands plays a crucial role here. Studies have shown that the use of hand sanitiser can help reduce the spread of bacteria/viruses and therefore illness at work by 74%.

At the end of the campaign, the five schools in Bavaria with the most votes were equipped with hand sanitiser dispensers.

Our thoughts: Thumbs up for so much hygiene awareness!

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