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Hygiene in no time

Once the Bavarian flu epidemic was under control again in 2018, Deutsche Hygiene Service wanted to raise awareness about rigorous hand hygiene with this very special campaign.

Fever, sore throat, blocked nose, headache and achey joints, classic symptoms of flu or a flu-like infection.

The annual flu injection still provides the best possible protection against flu. For this, special seasonal antigens are combined and thus can protect the vaccine recipient from infection. This should still always be the first method of choice for the elderly or people with an impaired immune response.

One small detail to effectively stop further transmission of the virus is often overlooked day-to-day however: proper and sufficient hand hygiene!

In addition to washing hands regularly (and for long enough), disinfecting hands plays a crucial role here. Studies have shown that the use of hand sanitiser can help reduce the spread of bacteria/viruses and therefore illness at work by 74%.

At the end of the campaign, the five schools in Bavaria with the most votes were equipped with hand sanitiser dispensers.

Our thoughts: Thumbs up for so much hygiene awareness!

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