Technical in-depth hygiene for HVAC systems

A hyginically perfect air conduction system is the basis for healthy room air

The indoor climate quality is just as important as the air we breathe. Whether in offices, production areas or public buildings: If HVAC systems are installed there, the air quality depends largely on how well those systems are maintained technically and hygienically. Provision must also be made for exhaust air, and for perfectly hygienic supply air, especially in areas where hygiene is important.

The Aeroclean® procedure

Make sure your HVAC system meets the German Engineer Association (VDI) guidelines with the Aeroclean® procedure developed by Gesec. This will minimise the costs of maintaining the systems and any downtimes.

Within the AeroClean® procedure, we devise the perfect solution for you: A fast, efficient and environmentally friendly technology that ensures your indoor air quality in the long term and prevents damage caused by residual humidity. Since little disassembly is required for this, our system can minimise the downtime for your system. Our experienced experts use state-of-the-art equipment in dry, wet, steam, suction and blasting processes. The removed deposits are disposed of correctly.

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