Commercial kitchen hygiene

Commercial kitchens are high-performance operations with particularly stringent hygiene requirements. Anywhere food is prepared daily, steam, dirt and deposits accumulate. Illnesses can be transmitted through bacteria, mould and pests. The people who work there therefore have a huge responsibility. With Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe you have a competent partner to get you on the safe side in terms of hygiene.

Consulting & quality management

The experts at Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe can advise you on all matters relating to food safety.

In-depth hygiene for commercial kitchens

Visible dirt is the apparent risk, but what about hidden, stubborn deposits?

Drinking water hygiene

Water is one of our most vital resources – its quality has an impact on our health.

Fire prevention for air extraction systems

Problem of greasy exhaust air: In addition to being unhygienic, soiled extraction systems also carry a risk of catching fire or exploding.

Pest management & pest control

In the worst-case scenario, disruptions and downtime due to pests can prove expensive. Avoid unnecessary risks and protect yourself.

VDI 2052 and DGUV Rule 110-003 - compliant fire load inspections

Fully fireproof? The inspection and cleaning of ventilation systems in commercial kitchens is considered standard practice by the relevant employers' liability association and is regulated by the VDI guideline.

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