Supply and exhaust air

HVAC systems

Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe has comprehensive expertise in all matters concerning the hygiene of HVAC systems. The benefit for you: A single source for all services.

Technical in-depth hygiene for HVAC systems

Say goodbye to polluted air thanks to the VDI-compliant Aeroclean® procedure developed by us!

VDI 6022-compliant hygiene inspections

The VDI 6022-compliant hygiene inspection ensures that your HVAC systems are compliant with the current standards.

Sealing of air pipe systems

No duct is really sealed! The gesaAEROSEAL procedure provides a fast, efficient way of sealing ducts.

Fire prevention for air extraction systems

In addition to being unhygienic, soiled extraction systems also carry a risk of catching fire or exploding.

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