Hygiene bins for male & female toilets

Convenient solutions through shapely products

Hygiene bins are provided in female toilets as a matter of course. It is suspected however that over five million males suffer from urinary incontinence. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has responded to this and has amended the Workplace Ordinance (Arbeitsstättenverordnung) accordingly: "At least one hygiene bin, with lid, must be provided in a marked toilet cubicle in toilet facilities used by men."
Our well-thought-out and well-designed products provide convenient solutions for male and female toilets. All DHS bins feature a modesty flap to keep the contents from view, no sharp edges and are made from sturdy plastic.

You have the choice – we have the right solution! Regardless of whether you opt for a full service solution or purchase the products.

With its slimline, cylindrical design, our space-saving Sanipod fits in even the smallest rooms – despite its large storage capacity. The fact that it can be wall mounted ensures easy floor cleaning.

The DHS Basic Line is available with foot pedal or sensor, and in freestanding or wall-mounted versions. Its slim, narrow design means it fits next to any toilet. Its rotating carousel, and the bin itself, has been manufactured with a disinfectant within the plastic.

SanipodPetit ensures the optimum disposal of hygiene waste for more infrequent use.

We use protective liners in all bins. Silver ion treatment, or the natural active substance Biosan, ensures a pleasant fragrance while also providing a disinfectant effect.


NEW from 01.01.2021: Biodegradable bin liners for the DHS Basic Line
By means of d2w® technology, a complete dismantling of the bin liners is possible. The product behaves like a conventional plastic during its intended lifetime. Should it happen that the waste escapes collection and ends up as waste in the environment, it is completely biodegraded. No toxic residues and micro-plastics are left behind.

How does this technology work?
The biodegradable d2w technology accelerates the natural oxidation process: this is achieved by "a masterbatch" (additive) that transforms ordinary plastic at the end of its useful life into a material with a different molecular structure. Environmental factors such as heat, UV radiation, mechanical stress such as wind and rain cause the material to decompose. At the end of the process it is no longer a plastic but has changed into a material that is biologically degraded in the open environment (by bacteria and fungi) - completely! This decomposition process takes between 3 and 6 months.

This decomposition process is shown in this video: d2w® plastic additive

A great added value for the environment and our customers.


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