Hand dryers

Hygienic and efficient

The Technical Rules for Workplaces expressly dictate the permitted hand drying options such as warm-air dryers, disposable towels and cloth towel dispensers (5.4 Equipment). This means that from a hygiene point of view all drying methods are permitted without restriction.

The DHS Ecodry Midi is our space-saving, multifunctional electric hand dryer. Its two drying slots make it particularly suitable for wheelchair users and children. The cost effective, easily changed antibacterial copper filter is washable and therefore reusable.

The DHS Ecodry Maxi has the same environmentally friendly, cost-saving and ecological features as the DHS Ecodry Midi. It only has one drying slot from above.

Our DHS paper towel dispenser can be manually operated or sensor operated. This modern, well-designed paper towel dispenser is notable for its sturdy design and user-friendly, well-thought out operation.

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