VDI 2052 and DGUV Rule 110-003 - compliant fire load inspections in commercial kitchens

Fully fireproof?

The inspection and cleaning of ventilation systems in commercial kitchens is considered standard practice by the relevant employers' liability association and is regulated in VDI guidelines. New inspection intervals have applied to this sector since 2006. Practical experience shows however that these changed requirements have often not been implemented yet. In line with the saying "there's no judge without a plaintiff", Controllers rely on the fact that nothing will happen.

The employers' liability association regulation DGUV Rule 110-003 "Branch Kitchen companies" and VDI guideline 2052 "HVAC systems for Kitchens" stipulate the following intervals:

  • Daily check to monitor the degree of soiling of ventilation hoods and their components
  • Monthly check to monitor the degree of soiling of ventilation ceilings (in particular the ceiling air chamber) and their components
  • As necessary: Cleaning of the ventilation hoods and ventilating ceiling
  • Exhaust system installations (e.g. exhaust ducts, ventilators, aggregate chambers) must be examined at least once every six months and must be cleaned if necessary
  • Inspections and cleaning must be documented

In the worst-case scenario, many insurers and employers' liability associations will check whether the latest standards were adhered to before paying out, regardless of whether the damage in question is to property or personal injury.

Is everything fireproof in your premises? Our fire load inspection gives you security about your status.

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