Thinking ahead

International flows of goods and people have become an integral part of our global world. In addition to all the positive aspects, however, these flows also entail an increased risk in the development of epidemics or pandemics. Pathogens such as the influenza A virus H5N1 ("bird flu"), the influenza A H1N1 virus ("swine flu"), SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or COVID-19 ("coronavirus") have highlighted the impact that an epidemic and pandemic can have on our economy and daily life.

Such a plan should include the analysis of internal structures, identify the need for needed resources and include preparatory measures for an epidemic and pandemic phase. It is absolutely necessary to develop a mature information policy when an acute epidemic and pandemic phase occurs in order to ensure rapid and complete capacity to act.

In addition, the education and training of employees and the preparation of hygiene and flow charts are also essential.

Companies, state and public institutions can reduce the personal consequences of such an outbreak by means of a profound and comprehensive epidemic and pandemic management.

The experts of Gesa Hygiene Group support you in this activity. Our team of qualified biologists, hygiene engineers, process experts, biotechnologists and hygienists will draw up tailor-made epidemic and pandemic emergency plans for you.

Our portfolio in epidemic and pandemic management includes the following services:

  • Preparation of customized epidemic and pandemic contingency plans, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Analysis of internal structures
  • Determination of required resources
  • Measures to prepare for an epidemic and pandemic phase
  • Development of an information policy during an epidemic and pandemic phase
  • Development of an access assessment for employees and external persons
  • Education and training for employees
  • Preparation of hygiene and procedure plans
  • Support in the introduction and implementation of necessary protection and prevention measures to break the infection chains
  • Ensuring infection protection in your company
  • Support in the procurement of required resources
  • Execution of necessary cleaning and disinfection measures by state-certified disinfectors
  • Inspection and cleaning, if necessary disinfection of the premises on site, especially of the ventilation systems to minimize the possible risk of infection
  • Preparation of risk assessments (of the premises on site, in particular) of the ventilation-related conditions (in cooperation with occupational safety engineers)
  • Sensor-based monitoring and documentation of hygiene measures
  • Preparation of complete *Invironmental Protection® concepts
  • Consulting and support during an acute epidemic and pandemic phase (hygiene emergency management)

*Inweltschutz® describes, in analogy to environmental protection, the summary of all measures that enable environment-related occupational health and safety in order to maintain human health. The focus here is primarily on measures of the hygiene cluster, which are designed to protect people and objects from negative environmental influences. The commitment to Inweltschutz® is derived from various normative and moral standards.

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