Operational safety with complete documentation

Do you have an effective daily maintenance cleaning regime? This is the basis for technical in-depth hygiene. Commercial kitchens are high-performance operations with particularly stringent hygiene requirements. Anywhere food is prepared daily, steam, dirt and deposits accumulate. Illnesses can be transmitted through bacteria, mould and pests. The people who work there therefore have a huge responsibility. With Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe you have a competent partner to get you on the safe side in terms of hygiene.

You delegate responsibility. With systematic technical deep hygiene on a contractual basis, you save a lot of time and money, and you also fulfill the legal requirement of Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 Annex II Chapter I Para. 1: "Premises where food is handled must be clean and maintained at all times."

Our services:

  • In-depth hygiene treatment of kitchen appliances and equipment, including partial disassembly
  • Cleaning, descaling and repairing of dishwashers and kitchens, including partial disassembly
  • In-depth hygiene treatment of serving areas, including partial disassembly
  • Replacement of elastic maintenance joints where necessary
  • Hygienic treatment of room structure
  • Disinfection after new constructions/alterations
  • Detailed before/after photo documentation as proof of performance
  • Kitchen hygiene profile
  • Property-specific contract performance

Exclusively for our customers:

We offer you a full 12-month hygiene guarantee. If damage occurs within a year that is attributable to official disease control measures - for example, where the kitchen is closed due to hygiene shortcomings - we will reimburse you 100% for the damage incurred, in other words for all damage to goods and financial loss!

The benefits for you:

  • Delegate your responsibility: We take on a significant portion of your personal responsibility so you can focus on your own work, streamlining your kitchen operation. You will receive before and after documentation or certificates as evidence of the service.
  • We comply strictly with all current regulations.
  • Careful maintenance: Improvements and repairs, inspecting appliance electronics, rust removal and the provision of permanently elastic material with a fungicidal effect complete the range of services.
  • Environmentally friendly: The resources we use are 100 percent biodegradable.
  • Authorised: We are a specialist company in accordance with the German Water
  • Resources Act (WHG). Only these companies may perform services on systems with water-polluting substances.
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