Trade, logistics & services

Our globalised world, with its complex trade and logistics routes, has significantly increased the requirements for holistic hygiene management in recent decades. Navigate through this jungle with help from Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe.

Quality of goods takes top priority

As well as us here at Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe, you also have a clear value proposition for your customers. The quality has to be right!

Commercial goods are subject to various risk factors today: Pest infestation, contamination with polluted air or even inadequate hygiene and quality management systems. With help from Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe, you can minimise these risks. The experts at Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe provide you with the necessary knowledge and years of expertise to keep your company, warehouse or production facility flawless in terms of hygiene. Whether in the area of pest management, air hygiene or through comprehensive system and process audits or hygiene inspections on HVAC systems and drinking water.

First impressions count

Washrooms are often described as a company's business card. Corporate identity does not stop at the toilet door. Make sure your employees and visitors feel secure and happy at all times and, at the same time, reduce the hygiene risk that can originate in washrooms.

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