Technology companies

In our digitized world, the highest priority is given to the quality of technological products and services. The experts at Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe are aware of this responsibility and will help you maintain this quality standard.

Production safety in clean rooms

With regular monitoring measurements (requalifications) during operation, we determine the particle load in accordance with the operational specifications (SOP) or applicable standards. All relevant climate-related measurements are also performed as part of these measurements. To guarantee maximum economic efficiency while maintaining production reliability, monitoring and maintenance of the clean rooms must be optimally coordinated. 

Sound professional pest management minimises downtimes

Service and cable ducts are often referred to as so-called "rat runs". Comprehensive, well-though-out pest management concepts guarantee the protection and integrity of critical infrastructural facilities. In addition to analysing and documenting any weak points, we also help you with eradication.

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