Public institutions

From a hygiene perspective, public institutions require specific solutions. Within the Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe, you have the right partner on hand.

High numbers of visitors require more stringent hygiene measures

Public institutions such as event halls, museums, tourist attractions, etc. represent a particular challenge in terms of hygiene due to their heavy stream of different visitors. Often in these areas, daily maintenance cleaning is not sufficient due to the high number of users. The result is disruption to the hygiene facilities and the associated inconvenience. At the same time, the potential risks from parts of the technical building equipment grow due to the increased number of visitors (e.g. contaminated HVAC systems).

Budget allowances require fair and cost-effective solutions

We are aware of the fact that the pressure of costs facing public institutions is increasing. At the same time however, the need for maintenance of technical systems is also increasing. In the Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe you have a partner that can offer you an optimum price-performance ratio with fair, high quality solutions. We also help save costs at the same time with innovative services such as the gesaAEROSEAL procedure.

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