Manufacturing industries

In addition to the quality of the products, hygiene is also especially important to manufacturing companies. With our technical in-depth hygiene measures, we can help you to provide a safe and respectful workplace.

Contaminated supply and exhaust air systems present a risk to people and your business

In many production facilities, HVAC systems are already standard. It is therefore clear that the indoor air quality can be significantly influenced by the quality of the supply air. In addition to posing a risk to health, contaminated and infected air supply units can also cause the systems in question to fail or malfunction. The same applies to exhaust air systems which are supposed to carry gaseous or light production waste away. On the one hand, these substances can get back into the working areas through leaking air ducts and, on the other, contaminated systems often present a high fire risk. Regular cleaning can minimise these risks. This is sometimes also required by legislation or employers' liability associations.

Respect breeds respect

Impeccable sanitary hygiene is a component of an active corporate culture. It is visible proof that corporate management takes responsibility for and appreciates its staff. A fact that will also have a positive impact on the motivation and work ethic of your employees in particular.

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