Hospitals & healthcare environments

The quality standards for hygiene in hospitals and healthcare environments (e.g. doctor's surgeries with procedure rooms, fertility centres, etc.) are high.

Safeguard the heart of your establishment

As the centre of these establishments, the procedure rooms have extremely high hygiene standards and legal requirements attached. In addition to contaminated surfaces, there is also a risk here from the room air however. The issue of air hygiene is often not given the importance it deserves in everyday working life however. All those responsible are aware here that nosocomial infections (infections acquired during a stay in a hospital or medical establishment) are partially caused by a lack of air hygiene.

Create the best possible hygiene conditions for your premises and protect your patients. Only holistic hygiene concepts that include surface and air hygiene can ensure the health of patients and employees. 

Don't forget the other areas

Areas other than the highly critical parts must also be considered. Commercial kitchens in hospitals cater for a particularly critical group and therefore need to pay particular attention to hygiene in their production processes. 

Sanitary facilities are communal areas with a high risk of infection and should therefore undergo regular technical hygienic treatments that go beyond everyday cleaning.

Comprehensive and professional pest management in compliance with the law goes without saying.

The experienced team at Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe has the knowledge and years of experience to help you devise a holistic concept.

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