Trade fairs and event venues

Large exhibition sites have now reached small towns. With this in mind, these properties are subject to particular technical and hygiene-related requirements. With years of experience, Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe can help you maintain large properties.

Hygiene and cleanliness to promote image

Optimal hygiene conditions are essential both for exhibitors and visitors. This applies to the cleanliness and availability of sanitary facilities, pest management, clean indoor air or hygienic safety in supply kitchens and bistros. Each area is in itself an important piece of the overall mosaic that makes up the image that exhibitors and visitors have of the trade fair. Our cross-disciplinary hygiene concepts ensure that hygiene problems do not leave behind any negative effects.

Sealed air duct systems as a profit and comfort factor

Not only do leaking air ducts cost money, they also mean a significant loss of comfort for exhibitors and visitors. There is nothing more unpleasant than a draught or insufficiently air conditioned areas caused by leaks in air ducts. At the same time, you are also losing expensive, air conditioned air. Fix these leaks, save money and increase the comfort levels of your guests with the innovative gesaAEROSEAL procedure.

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