Engineers & planning offices

Modern buildings are increasingly defined by the technical building equipment. In addition to planning the building itself, planning of the technical building equipment elements takes up a significant amount of the planning. At the same time, these components must comply with strict standards in terms of technical and hygiene-related aspects. Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe helps you to implement these requirements.

Sustainable planning requires sustainable solutions

The framework conditions for newly planned buildings and facilities have changed fundamentally in recent years. The emphasis now is on energy efficiency and hygiene aspects. Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe's innovative services can help you meet these requirements at the same time. The patented gesaAEROSEAL procedure guarantees you unprecedented leak tightness in air duct systems, while the patented gesaAEROCLEAN procedure helps you with structural requirements (e.g. incorporating inspection and cleaning openings, final construction cleaning).

Technical expertise for sensitive areas

Clean rooms and operating theatres present particular challenges in hygiene terms. Years of experience of indoor air hygiene in sensitive areas enables the Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe experts to perform effective and efficient control and qualification measurements. We are also on hand for any hygiene-related matters which may arise during clean room planning.

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