Industry solutions

Industry solutions

Every sector has specific hygiene requirements that have to be considered when planning, performing and documenting services.

Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe helps and supports you to fulfil your legal obligations and comply with the rules of the latest standards: Our services relating to technical in-depth hygiene, pest management, consulting and washroom equipment have been proven across various sectors over  the last 40 years and continue to impress customers day after day.

Poor hygiene conditions are everywhere where food is worked with and this is not acceptable. The same applies to places used by a lot of people, e.g. offices, hospitals or event venues.
Gesa-Hygiene Gruppe supports companies from all sectors in maintaining and cleaning technical building equipment, technical systems or buildings. Thus, for example, difficult to reach parts of kitchen appliances, exhaust systems or sanitary facilities are no problem for our hygiene experts.

Using additional hygiene measures, such as special disinfection, we eliminate the toughest hygiene problems.

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