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For nearly 40 years now, Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe has been one of the leading companies in the field of services for health and cleanliness. Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe's affiliated companies cover all services within the hygiene cluster and can therefore offer customers all services from a single source.

Deep-down hygiene
Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe employees think holistically and are not satisfied with surface hygiene solutions alone. Instead, they focus meticulously on identifying the customer's hygiene requirements.

The diver symbolises this attitude which produces some impressive results.

You too can benefit from Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe's cross-disciplinary hygiene services.

Business segments

gesec Hygiene + Instandhaltung

Hygiene and maintenance

Gesec has been your professional partner for technical in-depth hygiene for commercial kitchens, sanitary facilities and HVAC systems for over 35 years. Our experts get to the heart of the issue and specialise in the treatment of sanitary facilities, commercial kitchens, HVAC systems, VDI 6022-compliant hygiene inspections, the inspection of drinking water systems, commercial kitchen cleaning and hospital hygiene and clean room technology.

gemex Hygiene + Vorratsschutz

Hygiene and stored products protection

Gemex is the expert in pest prevention: Professional protection against pests based on effective analysis and efficient eradication. Systematic in-depth monitoring. Meaningful documentation for all requirements. Main focus: The development, establishment and monitoring of customer and property-specific systems for the preventative and effective protection against pests.

gesec Hygiene + Consulting

Hygiene and consulting

Gecos is your highly specialised consultant in all matters relating to food safety and hygiene. We provide tried-and-tested hygiene and quality management systems specially for food companies. We also offer a comprehensive program of training courses and seminars.

dhs Hygiene + Wasch-Innovationen

Hygiene and washroom equipment

DHS is your washroom hygiene specialist. We provide sustainable and cost-efficient washroom solutions with perfectly coordinated hygiene modules. The range of products includes hygiene bins, hand dryers and fragrance dispensers and is complemented by a professional service. DHS has been part of the Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe since 2017.

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