Flexible and sustainable management with DHS

DHS Health Protection Systems are coordinated hygiene modules that can be flexibly combined to create a system tailored to your requirements. We offer guidance to help you make the right choice. To meet your needs, you can choose between a range of effective and sustainable services or products to buy. The appropriate selection of our products and services for sanitary facilities will depend on hygienic cleanliness, user safety, functionality, ecology and design.


The newly developed DHS Health Protection System meets the high demands of modern and hygienic washrooms:
Sustainability and environmental protection

All DHS products and services promote well-being among users. For example, the hygiene bins produce a pleasant fragrance for over 8 weeks. Depending on the system, the contents of the bins are not visible. In addition to bins with foot pedals, we also have a wall-mounted system that is compliant with the current hygiene standard. The user's privacy is ensured as the hygiene waste is disposed of in the cubicle directly.

Hand disinfection systems, fragrances and soaps eliminate hygiene-related risks and the pleasant scents also ensure well-being. 

Environmentally friendly and hygienic
When selecting all products, DHS focuses on ecologically sound solutions: The antibacterial effect when disposing of hygiene waste, depending on the system, created by the natural active agent, Biosan, or integrated silver ions makes the use of chemicals unnecessary.

Toilet seat cleaners and soaps are designed so that the spray nozzles are replaced whenever they are changed. The environmental considerations are also tremendously important here: The perfect symmetry of the containers makes large volumes possible despite the attractive appearance. The increased service life reduces waste.

The multi-award winning Air Fresh Eco Plus fragrancing system is aerosol free and all of its components are biodegradable or can be recycled. 

Compliance with laws and regulations
The requirements of the workplace regulations (ASR): Since 09/2013 it has been law
that all sanitary facilities for men must also contain a hygiene bin.

A quality and environmental management system ensures continual monitoring of the requirements under law and the applicable standards. 

Thoughtfully designed with climate protection in mind
Climate protection is a topical issue. DHS can make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions to improve your environmental footprint. 

The specially developed, sustainable and customised service concept for hygiene waste reduces the use of vehicles and has thus been proven to reduce CO2 emissions.

Toilet seat cleaners and soap dispensers are manufactured in Germany.

For every electric hand dryer sold, a tree is planted in Indonesia as part of a reforestation project.

The DHS service concept - innovative and efficient!

The new DHS service concept stands for a simple and quick solution for the replacement and disposal
of hygiene articles. The following advantages result from this:

  • Reduction of internal organizational effort
  • Reduction of CO² emissions as a contribution to your environmental balance sheet
  • Environmentally harmful cleaning processes and transports of the hygiene containers are eliminated
  • Service is carried out by personnel who have already been inspected and are familiar with the site
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Visual value of the containers remains, no scratching/damage due to transport
  • Ecologically well thought out
  • Certified, antibacterial biological substances in our products make the use of chemicals unnecessary


Hygiene bins

Hygiene bins are provided in female toilets as a matter of course. Since 2013 however, hygiene bins have also been required by law in men's toilets.

Toilet seat cleaners

The risk of a bacterial infection when using public toilet facilities should not be underestimated. Provide effective protection against this.

Fragrance dispensers

Create an inviting atmosphere and a pleasant smell in your washrooms with high quality, long-lasting fragrances.

Hand disinfection

Consistent hand disinfection has been proven to reduce sickness levels. Protect your staff, customers and visitors!

Soap dispensers

Regular handwashing reduces the spread of diseases. Create the basis for this with DHS soap dispensers.

Hand dryers

Our hand dryers combine resource-saving efficiency, effectiveness and hygienically flawless results.

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