Technical in-depth hygiene for sanitary facilities

Daily cleaning of sanitary facilities is essential. This is just a surface treatment however. Thus, going to a toilet used by numerous different users often carries with it unpleasant feelings. These feelings are generally not unwarranted.

Thorough, in-depth cleaning two to three times a year is the standard in many companies. Over 350 clients in administrative operations and production facilities focus on hygienic sustainability without any residual risk.

Is hygiene expensive?

No, because neglected hygiene can get really expensive!

Sanitary facilities are communal areas with a high risk of infection. Damp, warm, dark and hard to reach areas provide almost the perfect breeding conditions for microbes.

After all, this is about much more than the need for a clean toilet for users' health. Hygiene not only protects against diseases, it also has a positive impact on people's perceptions. A high standard in the sanitary facilities has become part of the corporate culture and business quality philosophy.

Cleanliness breeds cleanliness.

Impeccable sanitary hygiene is visible proof that corporate management takes responsibility for and appreciates its staff. How can an employee be expected to deliver clean and tidy quality when faced every day with sanitary facilities that have been hygienically poorly maintained? 

Sustainability is a long-term strategic success factor. A business culture that takes into consideration the privacy of sanitary facilities, forms the basis of the values of appreciation, enthusiasm, integrity and discipline.

Additional measures to technically deep clean sanitary facilities only cause additional expense at first glance. Looking at the overall picture more closely, and taking into account all factors, the opposite is true, it actually reduces costs. 

Our services:

  • Thorough preparation through partial disassembly
  • Removal of unpleasant residues and deposits
  • Reaming of the pipe system up to the drain pipe
  • Replacement of elastic maintenance joints
  • Clearing and removal of mould contamination
  • Replacement of faulty seals

The benefits for you:

The benefits of technical in-depth hygiene are obvious. With it, your company demonstrates to employees and customers that appreciation and integrity are not just lip service or cost drivers. With thorough and sustainable sanitary hygiene, companies show that they understand the value of hygiene or, in other words: Sustainable living is only possible through hygiene!

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