QPM® ALoRA® - smart pest management and sensor eco-system

Permanent Monitoring, Pest Control

Traps have been a tried-and-tested pest control tool for years

The often used food based baits are not acceptable in hygiene sensitive areas, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Punch traps on the other hand work immediately. However, the Animal Welfare Act stipulates a daily inspection of the impact traps. A time-consuming and cost-intensive process which means additional work for all those involved.

The convenient solution:
Round-the-clock monitoring of traps with QPM® ALoRa®

QPM® ALoRa® is an innovative permanent monitoring system based on the revolutionary LoRa transmission standard that meets the statutory requirements and offers the highest degree of safety thanks to the immediate alerts via the app or by email. This eliminates the need for expensive daily checks and these become a thing of the past. Depending on the requirements, various bait boxes (individual box, tunnel box, dry box) are used with traps and transmitter modules.

7 good reasons to choose Gemex permanent monitoring:

  • Automatic trap checking via 24/7 permanent monitoring
  • Comprehensive online documentation in database
  • High level of transparency regarding infestation levels and rodent species
  • Increased efficiency due to different trap types
  • Maintenance-free system with no batteries to change
  • Environmentally friendly as no toxic active ingredients
  • Party responsible for traps alerted immediately by app or email

QPM® ALoRa® the innovative way for a thorough quality management, health and work safety

QPM® ALoRa® presents an innovative sensor eco-systems that supports you in your daily work. Different, well selected sensors (e.g. temperature, room climate etc.) help you to save time and money. Take the first step towards the Internet of Things (IoT)!

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