Gemex is one of the leading experts in protection against pests.

Elette Anschütz, Managing Director of Gemex, talks about the future challenges and which of them will be important.

Everyone is talking about the digitisation of the economy.
What impact will digitisation have on Gemex's business?

As in other sectors, the challenges and many questions regarding digitisation are also increasingly affecting our business. That is why we are seeking answers to the question of how "services 4.0" will be defined in the future as part of the "Gemex 2020 Vision", but also in close dialogue with our customers.

In this context, you also mentioned the Gemex Permanent Monitoring to protect against rodents ...

Indeed!  Gemex Permanent Monitoring is a digital solution for complete and reliable electronic impact monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trap alarms are immediately reported via app or e-mail and also recorded in a database. The advantage of the system is the elimination of the daily manual controls required by animal welfare legislation when using impact traps. Depending on the size of the object to be monitored, daily inspections are very time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive. The use of Gemex Permanent Monitoring to monitor rodent activities, which is compliant with regulations and animal welfare regulations, eliminates this effort and thus not only saves time but also money. We have successfully used this trend-setting permanent monitoring at well-known customers.

What are the challenges facing pest management in the future?

The increasingly demanding requirements placed on Gemex by the customers. These requirements vary greatly depending on the company and the industry. Understanding these requirements, and the sometimes very individual solutions based on them, is a huge task, one that we fulfil through intensive knowledge transfer and major investments in further training for our employees.

When you develop a new pest management concept, what do you attach the most importance to?

The Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe motto of "In-depth hygiene" applies to pest management in particular. Before we develop a new concept, we first explore the matter meticulously in greater depth on site and, in particular, analyse building details, for example concealed access openings which are often the main cause of sudden pest infestations. The customer's business also plays a key role. A food manufacturer faces very different pest risks to, for example, a pharmaceutical company. All of this needs to be taken into consideration when developing a new concept since, in the long run, successful pest management depends on it.

What do you consider Gemex's particular strengths to be?

Pest monitoring, in other words the seamless monitoring of pest activities, and documentation thereof, is undoubtedly one of Gemex's particular strengths and is the result of years of experience in a number of properties in all industries. With the skilful assessment of pest risks, but also by devising effective control strategies and practical monitoring solutions, we can thus deploy an extremely broad range of knowledge.

You promise your customers 100% audit security. What does that mean?

In the pharmaceutical and food industry, including organic companies, for example, our customers are subject to exacting standards in terms of pest management and compliance with these is checked regularly in audits. Deviations may even jeopardise receipt of the vitally important certificates. Audit-proof documentation of pest-related activities by Gemex, but also fast access to key documents via the Gemex customer portal, offers our customers the greatest possible security and convenience even in the case of unannounced audits.

Gemex itself is subject to high standards. Standardised rules for pest control have applied in Europe since DIN EN 16636 was published. Gemex voluntarily undertook DIN EN 16636-compliant CEPA certification and achieved an outstanding result. A pest control service performed in accordance with the CEPA standard even goes beyond the requirements of the standard and offers a high level of professionalism and expertise from the first contact with the customer through to documentation. Aside from this, services that are not performed in line with the standard can be detrimental for the customer in the event of a dispute. With certified services from Gemex, our customers enjoy legal certainty in addition to the best possible protection against pests.

Why should a customer choose Gemex as their pest management service provider?

This is easily summed up in one sentence: Because we lead the way in customer satisfaction and service quality.

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