What is meant by Inweltschutz®?

Workplace Ordinance

Shouldn´t our main focus be on environmental protection?

It is undisputed that environmental protection is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Just how important environmental protection is can be seen from the fact that environmental protection has been mentioned as a national goal in Article 20a of the Basic Law (GG) of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1994. Much earlier, however, the principle of physical integrity was enshrined in Article 2 of the Basic Law. It thus expresses the fact that every human being has the right to protection from negative influences which impair his health in a biological-physiological sense. The law thus describes a right to be free from injuries to physiological health. Only in justified exceptional cases (e.g. epidemics) can this principle be deviated from by law. However, natural persons have the right to voluntarily renounce their physical integrity. In addition to the Basic Law, this principle is anchored in other laws and ordinances.

Humanity has a strong influence on the environment, but at the same time it also has a strong influence on us. Air, water and food (our three most important foods) are - besides a healthy lifestyle - the most important external factors for our health. In addition, interpersonal contact also affects our health. It is therefore all the more important to protect people and their health, products and values from negative external influences.

occupational health & safety

Modern man spends more than 30% of his time of the day at work. Due to the socio-demographic developments of recent decades, this increasingly takes place in closed rooms. The employer must ensure that workplaces are set up and operated in such a way that hazards to the safety and health of employees are avoided as far as possible and remaining hazards are kept to a minimum. When setting up and operating workplaces, the employer must carry out the measures in accordance with § 3 paragraph 1 of the Workplace Ordinance and take into account the state of the art, occupational medicine and hygiene, ergonomic requirements and, in particular, the rules and findings published by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in accordance with § 7 paragraph 4 of the Workplace Ordinance. If the published rules are complied with, it is to be assumed that the requirements set out in this Ordinance are met in this respect. If the employer does not apply these rules, it must achieve the same safety and health protection for its employees by other means. Most commercial and office buildings are therefore already equipped with technical building installations (TGA) to minimise health risks. However, every installation is only as good as its maintenance and hygiene condition.

Hygiene concepts

But why a complete concept? Is it not enough to act when there is a need?

Technical managers are constantly faced with the tension of fulfilling economic and legal requirements as well as effective employee protection. As described above, TGA systems must meet all legal and normative requirements. At the same time, this must also be done in an economically and ecologically sensible manner, taking into account small time budgets. The technical-normative side is confronted with the obligations of occupational health and safety. Companies are now increasingly investing in individual measures of company health management (BGM) to maintain the health of their workforce. However, many are not aware that effective health and safety at work go hand in hand.

Of course, one could only act when there is a need. But we all know: Demand is usually short-term and unplanned. Accordingly, measures must be taken quickly and usually expensively.

The Inweltschutz® concept of the Gesa Hygiene Group as a hygienic-technical coordinator, which recognises, evaluates and prioritises hygienic-technical hazards and draws up an action plan for you on this basis.

Through the reduction of suppliers, plannable expenses and reduced follow-up costs, you not only guarantee optimum health and safety at work, but also save money.

How is an Inweltschutz® concept created?

When creating our concepts, we follow a standardized process that takes your individual circumstances into account.

Concept development

Derivation of recommendations for action and preparation of a preliminary action plan from basic and follow-up treatments. Preliminary pricing of the concept.

Framework contract

On the basis of the selected protective areas, we draw up a framework agreement in consultation with our customer in which any hourly rates, service levels or other agreements are fixed.


Processing of the action plan by the specialists of the individual departments.


On-/Offline documentation of services on the basis of meaningful inspection reports, before and after documentation or risk assessments.


On the safe side!

No matter what hygienic challenges you face with regard to the protection of persons, products and valuables, with the Gesa Hygiene Group's environmental protection concept you are on the safe side!

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