Food hygiene

Get assistance from Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe without the red tape. Our team of highly qualified experts with years of practical experience provide a wide range of services in the field of food safety:

Our services:

  • Operational and risk analyses, weak point analyses, hygiene audits and hygiene checks
  • Advice on establishing self-monitoring schemes in accordance with HACCP principles
  • Advice on establishing hygiene and quality management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000, 22000, IFS and subsequent or similar standards
  • Drafting of practical HACCP and QM manuals, checklists and all other necessary documents
  • Review and optimisation of existing systems
  • Performance of system audits (verification)
  • Performance of supplier audits
  • Training courses and sessions for employees, managers and multipliers
  • Hygiene consultation when planning commercial kitchens and other food operations
  • Hygiene consulting in all food hygiene matters
  • Microbiological and chemical inspections

The benefits for you:

Functional self-monitoring schemes and regular hygiene checks enable you to comply with the statutory provisions and fulfil your duty of care. You benefit from greater security and the hygiene level within your company increases significantly. Customised staff training courses make sure that the concepts are understood and correctly applied in practice by everyone.

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