Consulting & quality management

As a company, do you work in food processing? Then, among other things, you are responsible for food safety within your business. In addition to complying with the rules of basic hygiene, you must also introduce self-monitoring schemes in accordance with the HACCP principles as required by food legislation. Regular hygiene training courses for employees are also stipulated.

Many food companies also require additional certifications that go beyond the statutory requirements, for example ISO 22000 certification or International Food Standard certification. Regardless of your problem: At Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe you will receive straightforward, competent assistance.

Food hygiene

We have successfully introduced our tried-and-tested HQM® - a registered trademark of Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe - hygiene and quality management system in over 200 companies.

Training courses & seminars

Hygiene and quality management systems are only successful when all participants adhere to them. Those who understand hygiene measures fully usually stick to them.

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