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Hygiene and quality management is currently still a bureaucratic monster. Increasing documentation and control obligations in quality and hygiene management are becoming more and more extensive and take up a substantial part of our working day. At the same time, global flows of goods and people present us with ever greater hygienic challenges. Our way of life harbours new, partly unknown health risks, which can only be detected and eliminated by means of in-depth analyses.

The question is not whether a company must go digital nowadays, but how. In the age of digitalization, many of our processes are no longer carried out manually, but all important decisions are made based on data. Not using this potential in global competition is a missed opportunity. Every day, billions of machine data are produced that can be easily captured and visualized. This not only simplifies decision-making processes and quality controls, but also creates the basis for new insights into business processes. Our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions transform any kind of data into smart and usable data.

With a low IT investment, you can achieve highly professional quality management with continuous, seamless monitoring and control.

Our services:

  • Generic platform for every industry and sensor type (also third-party products)
  • Optional adaptation to individual corporate identity
  • Triggering of events/alarms in real time
  • Continuous acquisition of data and audit-proof further processing
  • Optimized for retrofitting existing systems
  • Monitoring for planning and control
  • Complete solution: Secure Gateway & Software
  • Connection of other trades (logistics, telemetry) possible

Hypeconn facilitates and optimizes processes.


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