Cooling towers & evaporative cooling systems

Under certain conditions, evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators can release water droplets (aerosols) that contain legionella into the air which, when breathed in by humans, can cause severe pneumonia and can even result in fatalities. The Ordinance on Evaporative Cooling Systems, Cooling Towers and Wet Separators (42nd BImSchV) and the VDI 2047 "Recooling Plants – Assurance of Hygienic Operation of Evaporation Coolers" standards define the national technical and organisational obligations etc. for the correct operation of such systems.

Cleaning and maintaining evaporative cooling systems, wet separators and cooling towers is challenging. Many different technical circumstances and environmental conditions, areas that are difficult to access, the use of various biocides and the handling of biological agents, e.g. in biofilm, represent substantial challenges for specialists' processing technology and qualifications.

Our services:

  • Establishing accessibility
  • Inspection of the entire system for contamination and damage
  • Removal/dismantling of parts where possible and necessary
  • Removal of limescale, removable soiling and silt using methods appropriate to the material
  • Biofilm removal using methods appropriate to the material, particularly in pipes, heat exchangers,
    expansion elements and moisture extractors
  • Optional: Rust removal and anti-corrosion treatment
  • Disinfection with approved products
  • Technical inspection
  • Audit-proof evidence thanks to clear before and after documentation or
    microbiological sampling

The benefits for you:

Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe has built up the necessary know-how for this sensitive area from years of experience in indoor air and drinking water hygiene. We ensure professional processing technology by experienced specialists, including at least one expert per team in accordance with VDI 2047.

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