Sustainability, climate and environmental protection

Gesa - for nature and environment

In the philosophy of the Gesa Hygiene Group values such as sustainability, climate and environmental protection are very high on the list. Wherever we can, we are committed to conserving and protecting the valuable resources of our earth. This results in a wide variety of exciting ideas and projects that we implement within our company or together with our customers.

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Gesa has funded 565 trees for 2022 this time!
Initial reforestation, forest conversion, forest protection, afforestation, CO² compensation, environmental protection,
Our partner in climate protection

Gesec and Gemex support tree planting in the southern Harz region!

As in previous years, we are pleased to once again provide funding for the planting of 565 trees in the southern Harz region. This is the third time we are implementing this project with our partner Plant-my-Tree. The basis for the determination of the number of trees are the CO² emissions of the company, which we thus compensate, as well as the acquired new customers of Gemex and Gesec from an order value of 10,000 €.  

With climate friendly greetings

Your Gesa Hygiene Group

We have "cultivated" 😍

Our company grounds are becoming insect-friendly "step by step":

The trainees of the Gesa Hygiene Group have built an insect hotel in a joint project 🐝 👏

Starting with the determination of the right location, size and material up to the "construction plan", our trainee team mastered the project brilliantly with a lot of personal commitment and great ideas! With the material and active support of our colleague Michael Mack, who sponsored the wood and helped with the construction, as well as our janitor Kai Willecke, this beautiful insect residence was created.

Almost anything that is natural is suitable for equipping an insect hotel. However, each insect species prefers a different filling material. Since most animals move into the hotel for hibernation and breeding, the furnishings should above all be heat-storing. Narrow, small tubes support this characteristic. Therefore, in addition to loose filling, you should also offer hatching opportunities, for example, holes you have drilled yourself, hollow twigs and bricks with holes in them. I think we've thought of everything and can't wait to see who moves in!

Many thanks to all involved!

With humming and buzzing greetings
Your Gesa Hygiene Group



Gesec and Gemex support tree planting in Lüdenscheid!

As last year, we are again pleased to provide funding for the planting of 500 trees - this time in Lüdenscheid. Together with our partner, we are implementing this project for the second time. The basis for determining the number of trees is the CO² emissions of the company, which we thus compensate, as well as the new customers acquired by Gemex and Gesec from an order value of € 10,000.

The card with the "greetings from the forest" was sent to us by Plant-my-Tree for the campaign last year! 😍 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳😍

With climate-friendly greetings

Your Gesa Hygiene Group


...when Gesa's blossoms bloom...

We are thrilled - about the successful completion of the 2nd step towards the nature-oriented design of our company grounds! We started this step shortly before Easter - the weather was perfect for it!

Our contracted landscape gardener worked on the green areas in the entrance area of the two sister companies Gesec and Gemex, as well as the area around the common terrace and a green strip along the parking spaces. Here, the top layer of grass or stones was removed and filled with hygienised soil. Afterwards, seeds were sown and planted. In the area directly at the yard gate, the area is rather shady, which is why perennial planting was recommended here. A rose will be planted at the sunniest corner behind the sign to make the entrance a little more colourful. Due to all the rain in May, the plants have just sprouted out of the ground - the result is quite respectable. We are happy about the beautiful view and the insects are happy about the new habitat!

This lion in the picture in our entrance area has been part of the Gesa Hygiene Group since 2008 and was designed by an artist from Augsburg. The main idea was to represent the range of services offered by the Hygiene Group.

For a better environment -
Your Gesa Hygiene Group


E-mobility on the rise at Gesa
Sustainability and environmental protection

Finally, the time has come - two charging boxes, so-called wall boxes, have now been installed on the house wall of the Gesa company headquarters in Augsburg in March 2021. 22kW per box make fast and safe charging possible. This enables the current 4 employees with e-cars to use their working time on site to charge their vehicles.

For a better environment -
Your Gesa Hygiene Group


Climate and environmental protection: Gesa Hygiene Group supports tree planting!
environment and CO² compensation

This year, too, we have been working to protect the climate and the environment. In the course of climate change, reforestation projects are becoming more and more important.

We are already carrying out the "Order trees" campaign for the 2nd year with our partner Plant-my-Tree - one tree is planted for every €10,000 in order value of a new customer. In addition, we have calculated our CO² emissions and added the corresponding number of trees. We are pleased to be able to support the project in the southern Harz region.

In Germany, average per capita CO² emissions in 2019 were approx. 12 tons. Over the lifetime of a tree (approx. 80 years), an average of 1 ton of CO² is compensated.

For a better environment -
Your Gesa Hygiene Group


Blühpakt Bayern - Measure 1: The terrace of our cafeteria!

Instruction 1 - executed!

As reported in the last article, we are gradually making our company premises sustainable according to the concept of the "Blühpakt Bayern". Our action plan is being worked through step by step. Phase 1 has been successfully completed! Our terrace including the concrete slab underneath was demolished and newly paved. This time, however, with large joints that were filled with earth and quartz sand. Why? A seed was placed in the joints, which will soon allow herbs and wild flowers to sprout, for the benefit of the insects. The natural water drainage is also given in this way. New patio furniture now invites you to a relaxed lunch break outside on the still warm and sunny autumn days.

We would like to thank landscape designer Tobias Vogt and our dedicated staff from our own ranks for the flawless implementation of the redesign.

External Link: landscape designer Tobias Vogt 

We are looking forward to the next action - to be continued...

See you soon,
Your Gesa Hygiene Group


Blühpakt Bayern - the natural design of our company premises!

Blühpakt Bayern e.V. - flourishing business

The Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection has launched a campaign as part of the "Bavarian Blooming Pact" to encourage farms to make their areas flower and bee-friendly. This not only helps our bees, but the entire biodiversity of Bavaria. Businesses interested in this can apply and receive free advice from a garden and landscape gardener.

Such actions are naturally completely in the sense of the Gesa hygiene group and thus promptly an application was written. There are certain criteria to be met, such as no extensive use of plant protection products, 20% of the open spaces on the company premises must already be designed to be close to nature, etc. These criteria are given from our side. After a few weeks we received the news that we were considered for a free consultation and were selected. So already in March, shortly after the consultation, we had an action plan with proposals for the successive greening of our company premises including roof greening. Of course, the implementation of this plan is a project over several years.

We will always put up photos and report on the progress.

We will start with the redesign of our terrace. In the joints of the terrace slabs a joint seed of different herbs is sown, which is helpful for the insects and at the same time guarantees a natural water drainage.

Stay up to date about this exciting project!

See you soon,
Your Gesa Hygiene Group



Together for the environment

Dear customers,

together with you, we were able to make a contribution to climate protection again in 2019.

We have planted a total of 50 trees.

Many thanks - Your Gesa Hygiene Group

Information about the action:

The Gesa Hygiene Group is a company - which acts sustainably wherever possible. This regularly results in exciting campaigns, such as in this case for climate protection. The idea: With an order value of 10,000 € or more from new customers, a tree is planted in Germany. At the end of a year, the number is determined and the tree planting is commissioned.

This campaign will continue for 2020.


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