Thorough. Capable. Owner-run.

After all, hygiene is a matter of trust.

Like diving, choosing the right partner in hygiene management is a matter of trust.

In the Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe you can count on a reliable partner who will happily dive headlong into the depths of hygiene with you.

Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe was founded in 1984 as Gesa Umwelthygienetechnik by Dieter Böhner and Manfred Schönfelder. This laid the foundations for the Gesa® brand name. The name Gesa® comes from the first letters of the German words Gesundheit (health) and Sauberkeit (cleanliness) and stands for qualified and professional operational hygiene. In the German-speaking region, Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe is one of the leading service companies for health and cleanliness.

Within the Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe, there have been successful developments of and specialisation in individual core areas. All companies are owner-managed.

With our cross-disciplinary and holistic hygiene services, we are sure to exceed your expectations.

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